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Perfect Money vs. Webmoney: Detailed comparison plus table

Webmoney and Perfect Money are two of the most well-known and internationally trusted payment service providers. They both offer alternative methods for online transactions. Using a payment processor to transfer funds can be surprisingly faster and more effective than time-consuming wire transfers.

Perfect Money vs. Webmoney: Detailed comparison plus table
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Both systems are extremely popular and widely-used among the users but with slight differences. In this article we’ll look through and have a close comparison between these two popular payment systems by giving you a broader look on two of the best payment providers, plus an informative table which will make the details more palpable for you.

Pros and cons of Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a simple and secure system allowing Instant transfer of money between system users. Many internet exchanges convert currencies into this global payment system and offer other related services for the system as well. One of the competitive advantages of Perfect Money is its low transaction fee rate which is only 0.5% for the internal transfer. Plus, accounts earn 4% interest per year. 

However, there comes a number of drawbacks for the system too. The first and foremost is that all transactions made within the system are final and irreversible. The next is few online businesses accept Perfect Money, making Perfect Money users dependent on other payment providers.

Pros and cons of Webmoney

The high level of guaranteed security is one of the major advantages of the Webmoney system. One of the most noted advantages of the system is that transactions can be performed from the wallet that is of the greatest interest among users at the moment. Plus, there comes a number of additional services for the users including making rents, paying for various services, buying a plane ticket and receiving a Webmoney loan. Users can report their technical issues by creating a webmoney ticket and receiving the answer via email or their Keeper app. Plus, those having the Webmoney Keeper app, will no longer need to use it through their browser. 

Webmoney does not always follow the rules provided on its own website. That’s why many users complain about the unreasonable blocking of wallets and not being informed about it. To add to that, there were a few reports by the users saying that the customer service had not responded to them quickly enough or the answer provided was not fully covering the issues in the request. There were also some problems with withdrawing funds from Webmoney, mentioned by a number of users.

PM to webmoney exchangeWebmoney vs. Perfect Money

Both services are used widely and are popular but Webmoney is not as popular as Perfect Money and that is because there are few sites that can earn with Webmoney, so they will take PM as an alternative. Webmoney is mostly used in Forex and we all know there are so many people involved in it. However, it is a bit complicated for users to use this kind of payment option. On the other hand, Perfect Money has good user experience no matter if it is service and costs. Both services have withdrawal problems. In addition, unlike Webmoney, Perfect Money does not offer its services in the USA.

Comparison table

  Webmoney Perfect Money Both
which is more popular?   *  
which is easier?   *  
which has better user experience?   *  
which has withdrawal problems?     *

PayPax advantages for both Perfect Money and Webmoney users

It is almost impossible to run a business without having one simple, secure and reliable payment service provider. Both Perfect Money and Webmoney are beneficial services in this case. 

However, the need for a simple, instant and secure online exchange service is undeniable. All of these can be found in one reputable and secure foreign exchange and international payments provider which provides the best exchange rate for currency exchange. This can minimize costs on foreign currency exchange and bring you cost-effective solutions. PayPax is the whole pack together with a currency converter which is free for PayPax participants as well as non-users of the system. You can exchange both PM to WMZ and WMZ to PM on PayPax, plus thousands of other interesting features you’d love experiencing. 

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