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Perfect Money vs. Skrill: Comprehensive comparison plus table

Previously we had compared many major players of the financial world. Today’s topic is Perfect Money vs. Skrill. The two are mostly similar and widely used, however, there are slight differences between them.

Perfect Money vs. Skrill: Comprehensive comparison plus table
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Skrill was established in 2001 and was first known as Moneybookers. It works similarly to PayPal, allowing users to send and receive payments to users all over the world. Similarly, Perfect Money is also a financial service that allows users to make instant payments and money transfers securely on the internet. 

In this post we’ll compare and contrast these two leading financial services and look through them from different aspects. 

Pros and cons of Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a simple and secure system allowing Instant transfer of money between system users. One of the competitive advantages of Perfect Money is its low transaction fee rate which is only 0.5% for the internal transfer. Plus, accounts earn 4% interest per year. 

Perfectmoney payment provides you with a lot of funding methods to let you make instant transactions free of hassle.

This leading financial system is among the most favored options in the world of digital assets. Using Perfect Money, you can also hire an online payment gateway on your site. 

Transactions are flexible and funds are securely transferred and received within the system. Plus, you can receive extra income by participating in partnership programs.

However, not many internet businesses accept Perfect Money as a payment method. All transactions made with the system are irreversible and can not be returned once done. The fees charged on Perfect Money withdrawals are quite high in some cases and the last point is it does not accept US clients. 

Pros and cons of Skrill

Skrill is a digital multi currency wallet provider for handling online payments, making transfers and storing money. The system  has expanded to operate in more than 120 countries with the digital wallet offered in 40 different currencies

Making payments with Skrill is easy, fast, and secure and all your data is stored in one place.  Also, the customer can transfer money between his or her Skrill account and online banking account making it possible to withdraw money using an ATM

Skrill hires an anti-fraud system to prevent any suspicious activities and any type of cyber security attacks. Additionally, Skrill offers a prepaid card to its users that connects to their Skrill account and can be used to withdraw money from ATMs and make in-person purchases.

The verification process for a Skrill account can be time consuming and has caused a few complaints in the reviews about the system. 

Skrill does not offer a live chat. There’s only a chatbot which is only available for Skrill participants. Plus, the answers provided by a bot may not fit the occurred issue fully and can not be compared to an actual customer support. 

pm vs skrill

Perfect Money vs. Skrill

Both services are widely known, however, Perfect Money is a few years more recent than Perfect Money, having been launched in 2007 while Skrill was first launched in 1998.

Both systems are very safe and secure. However with Skrill, there have been some concerns regarding its past association with the gambling industry, but it’s important to remember that Skrill was founded in the UK and continues to operate under UK law. Skrill is absolutely legit and  uses an anti-fraud system to prevent any suspicious activities and any type of cyber security attacks

The same is true with the Perfect Money system. Perfect Money has been in the business for almost 14 years. That’s what makes it an overall trusted option among users regarding security and confidentiality

Skrill offers an app which is the quickest and most convenient way for users to access all of their account's main features and link their account to their mobile phone, while Perfect Money does not have the option of a mobile platform. 

Perfect Money offers a completely free account to its users while a Skrill account is only free for personal use as long as you log in or make a transaction at least every 6 months.

Transaction fees take more priority when deciding on the best payment provider. In this case, Skrill charges more fees than Perfect Money. Skrill to Skrill Money Transfers, charge you with a 2.99% fee, whereas, Perfect Money charges you with a 1.99% fee for the same case.

Comparison table

  Perfect Money  Skrill Both

Which is safer?


Which offers a mobile platform?


Which offers a free account?


Which has lower fees?


How PayPax benefit both Perfect Money and Skrill users 

In this article we weighed different aspects between Perfect Money and Skrill. Both systems are popular and widely used around the world and the ultimate choice for many businesses and individuals. To sum up, we can say that perfect Money is more known among users due to its longer record but the efficiency of Skrill is also undeniable.

Many businesses and individuals choose either of these services for money transfers and financial reasons. No matter which one you have chosen, you’ll always be in need of a reputable and secure foreign exchange and international payments provider which provides the best exchange rate for your currency and fiat exchange. There are dozens of options out in the market, but as mentioned before transaction fees take more priority when deciding on choosing the best online exchange.  

Choosing an exchange service with the most cost-effective solutions can minimize costs on foreign currency exchange and put you ahead in your path. PayPax takes care of it all plus giving you access to a currency converter which is free for its participants as well as non-users of the system. With PayPax, there are no hidden markup fees, and it takes just minutes to open a free account. On PayPax you can enjoy exchanging:

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