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How to create WebMoney Payment Link? Step by Step Guide

WebMoney is one of the most popular international payment systems among users. WebMoney provides various facilities for users and business owners to improve the level and quality of electronic payment, one of which is the possibility of creating a WebMoney payment link, in which we will discuss the benefits and how to build it. If you have a business that requires WebMoney payment for selling your products or services, stay tuned.

How to create WebMoney Payment Link? Step by Step Guide
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Advantages of Webmoney payment link

First of all, everyone who has a webmoney wallet and is currently using this system has the opportunity to create a webmoney payment link without any restrictions. In this way, other users can pay for this link through their WebMoney account. In fact, by creating a webmoney payment link, you can create an exact address and share it with anyone so that the other person can be directed to the payment page just by clicking on the link, and the amount you want is already specified to pay. Considering that using WebMoney payment gateway for websites and online shops requires coding and upgrading the webmoney account level, creating a WebMoney payment link for selling dollars can be a good alternative to WebMoney gateway in your business. Using this feature, any business owner can create a payment link for their product and share it with other users to receive their dollar income in a webmoney account.

How to create a WebMoney payment link?

Follow the steps below to generate a WebMoney payment link.

1. Log in to your panel

Log in to your WM Keeper Standard account through the official WebMoney website or the WebMoney Standard mobile application.

webmoney login

2. Create a payment link

 Click on the "Home" and select the "Create a payment link".

webmoney payment link

3. Determine the details

In this step, you must specify the details of your payment link. Specify the payment amount in the Amount field, select the received currency, and set the expiration time of the link. Then click "OK" to confirm the link.

webmoney payment link

4. Copy and share links

Once the payment link has been successfully created, you will receive a URL. Then you can share this link in any way such as WM message, email, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

webmoney payment link

5. Receive WebMoney message

As soon as the payment link is successfully created in WebMoney, you will receive a WM message containing the payment link information.

webmoney payment link

Send receive and accept WebMoney with PayPax

Using PayPax, you can top-up your WebMoney account and withdraw WMZ income fast and securely. By creating a PayPax multi-currency account you can receive webmoney through your personal payment gateway and exchange webmoney to different types of electronic money and more than 50 cryptocurrencies. 

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