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How to delete a Perfect Money account? Step by step guide to closing a Perfect Money account

Perfect Money is a leading financial service that has different types of accounts for both individuals and businesses worldwide. Perfect Money allows its users to make instant payments and money transfers securely, through a secure network which will bring unique opportunities to its users worldwide. People open up Perfect Money accounts for a variety of reasons. Similarly, those who have been using the system for a while, may aim to delete their Perfect Money account for a variety of reasons.

How to delete a Perfect Money account? Step by step guide to closing a Perfect Money account
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Closing a Perfect Money account is no difficult job. If you also want to delete your Perfect Money account for whatever reason, you’d better know that you can do it in a few simple steps. This post will walk you through the steps of closing a Perfect Money account simply. 

Things to check before you delete a Perfect Money account

Before you delete a Perfect Money account or basically any type of financial account (whether it is a bank account or other) you need to check a few things. The most important thing for you to know before you close your Perfect Money account is that once you delete your Perfect Money account, it will be prementanly removed and as a consequence all your data and money will be lost. 

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Therefore, it is vital that you withdraw all your funds before proceeding to close your Perfect Money account, otherwise you’ll lose it all for good and no one is responsible for your loss. Another thing you must do before closing your Perfect Money account is make a backup of any important data or transaction history you think you are going to need in future. One last thing is that it’s better to pay off your balances, meaning to make a decision on any payment request that is pending and resolve the issues associated with your account. 

How to close a Perfect Money account?

If you want to delete your Perfect Money account you need to take a few simple steps as it comes in the following:

1. Login to your personal Perfect Money account.

delete perfect money account

2. Go to the “Settings'' tab in the menu bar.

3. Click on “Accounts”.


4. Click on the colored circle icon on the left side of the account you want to delete. 

5. Scroll down and click “Disconnect”. 

6. Click on the recycle bin icon on the top right corner.

7. Finally click “Yes” and your Perfect Money account will be deleted successfully. 

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Delete your Perfect Money account by sending a ticket

There is also another way you can delete your Perfect Money account and that is by sending a ticket and requesting for an account deletion. To send a ticket to the Perfect Money team, login your account and  click “Internal Mail” from the top menu. Next click “Compose a new ticket”. The ticket you send must imply your request directly and with no ambiguity. The team will then process your request and deal with it in case there are no problems in between, otherwise they will contact you to solve the issue first and then delete your account. 

What will happen after you delete a Perfect Money account? 

Once you make a request to delete your Perfect Money account, the Perfect Money team will process it to delete your personal information from their records unless there is some problem in between.

In case Perfect Money was not able to verify your identity or decided that your information is necessary for their service, they will deny your deletion request. In that case, you’ll need to create a ticket and correspond with them until your request is met. 

Note that if your Perfect Money account is connected to a bank account, you can not delete it unless you remove the bank connection entirely from the app, which requires you to delete your entire user data

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