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Suspended Solana NFT accounts are brought back by Twitter following objections

Last wednesday, Twitter suspended nine accounts which were associated with the non fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana (SOL) system for no reason. Now the Twitter company has decided to bring back the suspended account following a threat from the Solana ecosystem to pause ad spends.

Suspended Solana NFT accounts are brought back by Twitter following objections
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Just before the highly anticipated launch of the y00ts NFT collection, a follow-up to DeGods, which is the most popular NFT collection on Solana and was supposed to be launched this Friday, Twitter decided to suspend access to the nine accounts associated with promoting the new collection of SOL

Right after the suspension, the Solana ecosystem which was pretty much irritated by the Twitter act, took action to the fact. Austin Federa, head of communications at the Solana Foundation, stated that Twitter should either make it up to them or at least explain the reason for the unexpected blocking of their accounts or else they will pause all depends till a proper compensation is done by the Twitter. 

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The Tweet reads: 

"Hey Twitter, bring back @y00tlist; I've paused all Foundation adspend until they're back. Twitter's gotta reinstate em, or show solid cause for suspension."

sol tweet

Following the heating statement from Solana’s head of communication, Twitter brought back all accounts at 12 p.m. today with all accounts seem to be properly working and fully accessible at the time of writing. 

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This is while no single explanation was given to the aforementioned suspension and reinstatement of these accounts and that could also be the reason why it has triggered several SOL users to form campaigns for the suspension of the unreasonably blocked accounts. 

Currently, the price of the “DeGods” collection is 519 SOL. This collection, which consists of 10,000 "virtual gods", is said to have surpassed 1 million SOL in trading volume. The collection is said to have at least one owner in each country except North Korea. 


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