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How to buy VPS with Bitcoin? Top 5 websites to buy VPS with Bitcoin

It is true that the primary aim for a VPS is to provide safety, but have you ever thought about keeping safe while purchasing a VPS? The best solution to that is to buy VPS with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This article will tell you everything you need to know about how to easily buy VPS with Bitcoin.

How to buy VPS with Bitcoin? Top 5 websites to buy VPS with Bitcoin
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A virtual private server or VPS is a hosting service that puts a virtual layer on top of the server’s operating system, separating your server from other server users. Follow the rest of this article to learn how to protect your safety furthermore by buying VPS with Bitcoin anonymously. 

Why use Bitcoin to buy VPS?

If you buy a VPS with Bitcoin, you can avoid high transaction fees charged by banks and other financial institutions. With cryptocurrency transactions, since there are no intermediaries or middlemen involved, you can have a fast and low fee purchase, whether it is VPS or anything else. 

One of the other major advantages of purchasing things with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin is that it won't be necessary for you to reveal any of your private data. Unlike PayPal or credit cards, all cryptocurrency transactions are done anonymously, keeping your identity private. So you can enjoy buying VPS with Bitcoin anonymously.

Last but not least, the level of  security offered by cryptocurrency is seamless compared to all other payment methods. Crypto transactions are done through blockchains and the same issue guarantees your security more than any other payment system. 

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buy vps with bitcoin

Top 4 websites to buy VPS with Bitcoin 

Here are some of the best and most famous VPS provider websites that accept cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin for buying VPS:


Hostinger is one of the cheapest VPS hosting providers available in the market, with a variety of hosting solutions. The website offers several hosting plans which you can purchase, with complete control over your hosting server. The website accepts Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and several other cryptocurrencies which you can use to easily pay for your VPS.

Cherry Servers

Cherry Servers is also another VPS hosting website with several hosting solutions. What distinguishes this website from others is that it allows you to buy services per hour or month. The website is user-friendly, well-designed, and you can easily find the service that best suits you. Cherry Servers accepts Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and a variety of other famous cryptocurrencies. 


HotSailor VPS hosting services are affordable, flexible and easy to use. One thing that is not very much favored by the users of the website is that it does not have fixed fees. Instead, HotSailor is reliable, secure, and is considered a relatively cheap VPS hosting service compared to others. The website accepts XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and a number of other famous crypto assets.  


This VPS hosting server offers windows as well as Linux VPS. As one of the very first VPS hosting services in the market, HotStage provides its users with high levels of security. It’s a high speed VPS service provider that accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and most other major crypto assets. 

How to choose the best VPS to buy with Bitcoin?

When selecting a reliable VPS to purchase with Bitcoin, there are numerous things to take into account. When picking a VPS to purchase with Bitcoin, the amount of security it offers is the most important consideration. For example, it shouldn't maintain any records of your personal data, online activity, or transactions.

Additionally, a good VPS should be quick. High security shouldn't be a barrier to the rapid expansion and speed of your chosen VPS.

Needless to mention, the VPS you choose must be simple to set up and operate. Price and customer service are two more crucial aspects to consider when choosing a VPS that you purchased using cryptocurrency.

How can I buy a VPS with Bitcoin?

If you want to buy a VPS with Bitcoin first you need to buy Bitcoin at its best price and then use it to buy your desired top VPS. For buying either of the above VPS services, or any other VPS, you need to visit their official website and then buy your desired service using Bitcoin by entering your wallet address.

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