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How to Transfer XRP? Send Ripple to anyone around the world

As the world’s second largest crypto asset, many people choose to transfer XRP to one another and that is due to the fact that the time of sending and receiving money is shortened with Ripple because of a newly hired layer of security used by Ripple. As a leading payment service provider and platform, PayPax will give you the opportunity to send Ripple to anyone around the world. Here is how.

How to Transfer XRP? Send Ripple to anyone around the world
PayPax Crypto Payment Gateway

With a global payment network like Ripple, you are able to send XRP in a very short time and with a low transaction fee, no matter where you are located in the world. If you are also among the users who aim to transfer Ripple easily, this article will help you find the simplest way for doing so and that is through PayPax.

How to transfer XRP?

Crypto transfers are becoming more and more widely accepted and popular each day and that is because of the extraordinary speed they offer. Crypto transactions occur in less than 5 seconds. In other words, buyers or sellers can perform their transactions very quickly and easily by using Ripple in their daily work. 

Looking for an alternative to transferring XRP? Visit: Send Bitcoin (BTC) 

For the same reason, many people transfer XRP to other people around the world. In addition, Ripple’s price had ups and downs but also have been growing steadily in recent years. Also, crypto experts and Ripple investors have no doubt that Ripple will grow higher in the years to come. 

Can I send XRP to a friend abroad? 

Imagine you have a friend in Turkey who you want to send money to from Brazil. you will have to send them the money through wire transfer in TRY, which will require finding the best TL rates first and then converting USD to TRY. In this process, you might get caught up in high transaction fees and tiring processes of transferring and receiving money. 

However, a more convenient way is to send XRP. using Ripple, you’ll be able to buy XRP with USD, having a reliable payment processor. The platform you are using will also enable you to convert Ripple to other currencies easily and quickly. 

transfer xrp

Transfer Ripple to another wallet 

One of the easiest ways to transfer Ripple is to send it to another wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are devices or programs that help you store your cryptocurrencies after you buy them. The Ripple wallet you create in Turkey for example, can easily exchange your TRY to XRP.

As mentioned before, with Ripple you don’t have to pay high transaction fees. Nevertheless, what matters is that you find and choose the best and most reliable platform for doing so. 

Needless to mention that, the platform you choose should bring you not only convenience but also the most cost-effective fees, so that you can have a hassle free experience of transferring Ripple to another wallet. 

After carefully selecting your platform, all you need to do to transfer Ripple, is to ask for the recipient’s wallet address and then simply paste it in its related field to easily transfer XRP to anyone you like, regardless of where they are located

Best platform to send Ripple

So you want to send Ripple and are looking for the best platform for doing so? Our recommended payment processor and online exchange is PayPax. You can simply send Ripple to anyone you like by signing up on the official PayPax website or using the PayPax app. After that you’ll automatically be given an e-wallet through which you can transfer or store your funds in a secure platform. 

What’s more is, if you are an online business owner who is looking to accept XRP payments, you can also do that with the help of PayPax easily and free of hassle. All you need to do is create an all-in-one PayPax account and enjoy a limitless world of opportunities. 

How to transfer XRP step by step?

If you've chosen PayPax to transfer XRP to someone else or another wallet address, here is a full photo guide on how to send XRP on PayPax step by step:

Create an account on PayPax

1Create an account on PayPax

In order to transfer XRP using PayPax you’ll need to create an account first. Creating an account on PayPax is an easy process and free of cost. All you need is a valid email address.

 Login your dashboard

2 Login your dashboard

After creating an account, login your dashboard to be able to access your desired option from the left menu.

 Go to the wallet section

3 Go to the wallet section

Once you logged in your dashboard, you’ll automatically be given an e-wallet which you can use for your money transfers. This wallet can be found on the left menu of your panel.

Click withdraw

4Click withdraw

In the wallet section, click withdraw next to XRP and you’ll be automatically redirected to a withdrawal form.

Enter the destination wallet address and amount

5Enter the destination wallet address and amount

In the withdrawal form enter your destination wallet address and the amount you wish to send. As for the final step click send and your Ripple will be sent to the destination wallet address you have entered in the previous step.

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