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Trust Level (TL) in a PayPax account: details explained

A trust level (TL) is a number typically defined by a financial system as a variable parameter to show a user’s validity. A PayPax trust level (TL) is a number defined by the system to show your credibility to other users of the system as well as your clients.

Trust Level (TL) in a PayPax account: details explained
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For those who transfer money constantly, PayPax TL can be a good proof of their faithfulness and reliability to their clients and beneficial for building overall higher trust and attracting more potential customers.

In this post, we’ll tell you all about your PayPax trust level, where to find it and what it brings to participants of the system. 

What is TL in a PayPax account?

PayPax trust level (TL) is a rate that is affected by your transaction history and how much money you have transferred within the system whether to other PayPax participants or non-users of the system. 

The more money you transfer, the higher will be your trust level and as a consequence the stars you receive on your card. This shows your credibility and validity to other users of the system as well as your clients who are using PayPax as an online payment gateway on your online marketplace.

When it comes to  money transfer security and mutual trust is the first and foremost factor. Having a high TL not only can lower the risk of fraud on your end, but also define you as a trustable option for your customers as well as other users ofthe system. 

What does a PayPax TL show?

When generating a transfer, mutual trust is the most fundamental pillar. A PayPax TL helps improve your overall picture whether as a business or an individual. It indicates how much of a trustworthy option you are to other participants of the system as well as your online business clients. This can no doubt lead to a higher number of potential clients and be extremely beneficial for your online marketplace. Even as an individual a high TL is a symbol of validity for anyone who you are planning to send money to. 

A minimum PayPax TL of 200 is needed for using certain features of the system including receiving a PayPax prepaid card. Global fees of the system (including money transfers) as well as fees for a PayPax e-voucher are also affected by your Trust Level. The higher your TL, the lower the fees you are charged with.

How can I increase my PayPax TL?

The more money you transfer using your PayPax account whether by sending money, withdrawal or deposit, the higher will your trust level become. As such the number of stars you receive on your PayPax ID card will increase by generating more transfers. The stars on your ID card also are indicators of your validity and reliability

Where can I find my PayPax TL?

Once you create your PayPax account, you’ll receive your identification number and ID card in the system. This ID card can be viewed in the dashboard of your account. 

A PayPax ID card includes different personal information about your account including your trust level (TL) in the system. You can find this card as well as your TL by logging in to your dashboard and scrolling the page down to the bottom as shown below.

paypax trust level

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