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Webmoney vs. PayPal: A close comparison (with table)

Those who prefer online transactions to time-consuming bank transfers usually look for online payment service providers with cost-effective and suitable options. Webmoney and PayPal are two of the most well-known and internationally trusted payment service providers. They both offer alternative methods for online transactions.

Webmoney vs. PayPal: A close comparison (with table)
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Users use these two options for a variety of reasons. Needless to mention that almost in everything there comes a range of drawbacks alongside opportunities. 

In this article we’ll look through and have a close comparison between these two popular assets by giving you a broader look on how to choose your payment service provider, plus an informative table which will make the details more palpable for you.

Pros and cons of Webmoney

Webmoney is a highly reliable payment service provider with a high level of guaranteed security. The simplicity of the system will make it easier for any user with any amount of background knowledge to perform their transactions from their wallet with no hesitation. Not only initiating transfers and creating Webmoney payment links, but there comes a variety of services provided for Webmoney users including making rents, paying for various services, buying a plane ticket and receiving a Webmoney loan. Users can report their technical issues by creating a webmoney ticket and receiving the answer via email or their Keeper app. Plus, those having the Webmoney Keeper app, will no longer need to use it through their browser. 

With every bright aspect there also comes a dark side. Webmoney does not always follow the rules provided on its own website. That’s many users' reason for complaining about the unreasonable blocking of wallets and not being informed about it. To add to that, there were a few reports by the users saying that the customer service had not responded to them quickly enough or the answer provided was not fully covering the issues in the request. There were also some problems with withdrawing funds from Webmoney, mentioned by a number of users. 

Pros and cons of PayPal 

PayPal is also another internationally trusted online payment solution. That's why most business owners prefer using PayPal for small businesses. PayPal offers easy and reliable payment services for both online and in-person sales, but not all businesses are compatible with its features. PayPal provides secure means for both extensive online and in-person payment. In fact, it is considered the most reliable asset by 25% of online shoppers. The variety of financing options provided on PayPal, will ensure its users that they’ll always have cash whenever needed. Plus, it is expanding its services beyond payment solutions and to provide means for invoicing, recordkeeping, tax computations, marketing, and even shipping.

On the other side, PayPal is a very popular target for phishing, scams and cybersecurity attacks. The majority of negative feedback related to PayPal are about its customer service. Users have reported unsolved issues and slow response as well as lack of support for fraud issues. Furthermore, digital goods are not supported by PayPal due to its protection policies. 

Webmoney vs. PayPal

Both services are known and used widely and pretty much function the same but with slight differences. The main difference mentioned between Webmoney and PayPal is their security and convenience. PayPal is fast, but is not considered that much secure with phishing, scams and cybersecurity attacks reported by its users. WebMoney transfer is a multifunctional payment provider that uses an individual interface. It is allowed almost everywhere in the world, while PayPal is banned in a number of countries meaning that you’ll have to look for an alternative if you are an inhabitant of either of those countries. When it comes to convenience, PayPal is considered an easier choice, especially for small businesses. Overall, WebMoney is considered a faster and safer option than Paypal.

Comparison table

  Webmoney PayPal Both
Which is faster?     *
Which is safer? *    
Which is multifunctional?     *
Which is easier to use?   *  

What PayPax offers to both Webmoney and PayPal users

All in all, both PayPal and Webmoney are beneficial services for internet businesses in case of facilitating transactions, saving money and time. They nearly function the same with slight differences but what matters is that it is almost impossible to run a business without having one simple, secure and reliable payment service provider. 

You can choose between these two payment systems based on your needs, but no matter which one you have chosen, you’ll definitely come across exchanging them for one another or even other forms of e-money. When it comes to online exchange, there are several factors which are of great importance to users. Among these are security, fees and terms of agreement, customer support and the merchant account. PayPax online exchange service is a fast and secure way to exchange Webmoney WMZ to PayPal or other forms of digital money. PayPax is here to bring you mid-market exchange rate and low transparent fees. Signing up for a PayPax account is easy and free of cost and  also by verifying your account you can have higher security and lower fees. PayPax support center offers 24/7 customer support for you to be able to easily solve your possible technical issues. Using PayPax you can also:

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