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What is a PayPal address and where to find it?

Many PayPal users wonder where to find their personal account’s address and share it with other people to send and receive money from them but don't know how. This article is aimed to tell you all about where to find your PayPal address, how to change it and how to send it to someone to send them money, ask them to send you money or pay on a website that is using PayPal as a payment method.

What is a PayPal address and where to find it?
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What is a PayPal address?

A PayPal address is basically your email address that is verified with your valid information as a PayPal user. This is because PayPal accounts are linked to email addresses. Once you sign up on PayPax using your email address, an email will be sent to the same address, asking you to verify your account information and email address.

Most people think that PayPal will provide them with a special email address that is unique for the person. However, the company doesn't actually issue an address. Instead, you register on PayPal using an email address and that same address is also used to login the system and also to be given to other people for money transfer purposes. 

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How can I find my PayPal address?

As mentioned above, your PayPal address is the same email address that you use to sign up on PayPal. This address is basically your own personal email address but if by any chance you have forgotten the email which you have used for signing in your PayPal account then you can find or double check it through this way.

First, login to your PayPal account and go to the profile. Then, click “Add or Edit Email”. If there is only one email address then that means it’s the same email that you are using to sign in to the system. You can also add an additional email account in your profile this way. 

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How can I change my PayPal address? 

If for whatever reason you have decided to change your PayPal address, follow the instructions below to change your PayPal address easily.
1. In order to change your PayPal address first log in to your online PayPal account.

paypal address
2. Next, click on the gear icon from the top menu of your account.

edit paypal address

3. Click "Edit" next to or under the address you wish to change.

change paypal address

4. Enter your new address and click "Save."

What is a PayPal address used for? 

As mentioned multiple times before your PayPal address is basically the email address that you use to sign in on the system. So the primary purpose of this address is signing up and creating an account on the system.

What’s more is, you can give this address to other people to send you money or use it to pay for the product or service you have bought from other websites that accept PayPal as a business.

It can also be used to receive the income you’ve earned as a freelancer or to send money to other PayPal users.  

How do I send someone my PayPal address?

So, your PayPal address is the email address you sign in with on the system. Thus, you can share this address with other people and ask them to send you money. You can find this address in your PayPal profile as mentioned above. 

However, if you seek higher security, you can also ask people to create and send you an invoice and then you pay them using the link given in the invoice. This method comes with higher security as already mentioned. 

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