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What is Perfect Money e-voucher and how does it work?

When exploring the world of digital currencies you may come across various electronic payment systems among which you can shift or settle. Perfect Money e-voucher, works similar to other payment methods like WebMoney or PayPal. Perfect money e-voucher can be used in different online shopping websites without even having a Perfect Money account.

What is Perfect Money e-voucher and how does it work?
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Perfect Money E-vouchers help transfer money to any receiver around the world and pay online for goods and services securely and confidentially. Perfect Money users are allowed to exchange this e-voucher to any other e-currency or cash. The following article will answer your most probable questions regarding Perfect Money e-vouchers and the way it works.

What is Perfect Money E-voucher?

In general, Perfect Money voucher can be thought of as a gift card, except that it is not physical.

You can simply purchase the goods and services you need from online shops and websites by entering the codes on these vouchers. It is also possible to top up your Perfect Money account with an e-voucher.

You do not need to have a Perfect Money account to use the voucher for online purchases. In other words, you can simply obtain a voucher from an online exchange site and enter the codes to purchase the goods and services you need.

Each Perfect Money voucher has a 10-digit number, a 16-digit activation code, the amount and date of creation. To buy through a voucher, all you need is a 10-digit number and a 16-digit activation code.

perfect money evoucherAdvantages of using Perfect Money Voucher

In addition to the possibility of purchasing with a Perfect Money e-voucher, every Perfect Money user can create a voucher of their choice in their account, or enter the purchased vouchers in it and top up their Perfect Money account.

The advantage of these vouchers over traditional systems is the very short time to activate and review them. Since there is no time limit for these vouchers, it is possible to activate Perfect Money vouchers at any time.

With these electronic vouchers, capital transfer work can be done quickly with a very low fee.

Another advantage of these vouchers is their ease of use. When using a Perfect Money e-voucher, there is no risk of the transaction being rejected or delayed; There is no confirmation in cashing vouchers and the amount will be added to your Perfect Money account immediately after entering the required information.

The security of payments with Perfect Money vouchers is the same as regular Perfect Money payments; Because the transfer is done directly and there are no destructive factors in it.

Another advantage of these virtual cards is their unlimited expiration date; Vouchers do not have an expiration date and you can review them at any time.


Perfect Money E-voucher Fee

The low fee for using Perfect Money vouchers has made these vouchers a convenient tool for people who make regular currency payments.

Depositing with Perfect Money voucher in Perfect Money accounts is free of charge, and you can easily add the voucher amount to your account by entering the codes mentioned earlier, at no extra cost.

You will be required to pay a fee when you plan to create a voucher. This fee will be 0.5% for verified accounts. If you have not verified your Perfect Money account, the fee will be 1.9%. This fee will be deducted from your account balance after creating the voucher.

PayPax services for Perfect Money user

PayPax online exchange offers a variety of different services for perfect money users. You can use PayPax online payment gateway to receive PM payments from your customers all around the world and exchange PM USD to other types of currencies with low and transparent fees.

By creating PayPax account you can easily exchange perfect money to webmoney, perfect money to payeer and perfect money to USDT fast and securely.

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