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Why has my currency deposit not been credited to my PayPax wallet?

If your deposit to PayPax does not arrive within the usual time frame, here in this article the possible causes and required steps to take in order to resolve the issue are explained in detail. This article provides you with an overview of different statuses for incomplete deposits on PayPax. 

Why has my currency deposit not been credited to my PayPax wallet?
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Keep in mind that all your cryptocurrency and e-money transaction statuses are shown in your Transactions History. You can reach this section through your account dashboard once you login.

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What are the possible causes of not credited deposits?

There might be a number of reasons why your asset doesn’t show in PayPax. We’ll go through the most common ones. First of all you need to check the deposit status to determine the problem. Here are some of the probable occasions that may cause your PayPax wallet balance not to be updated after the deposit.

Exact deposit amount in not entered

One of the reasons why the deposit has not been credited to your wallet could be due to the deposit amount not being exactly the amount you have entered in the form. In which case the transfer is stuck and the system cannot process it automatically.

🟨 Make sure to enter the exact amount you are transferring in the deposit form. 

For example if you are transferring 100.4 USDT you should submit the amount in the deposit form as 100.4. If you enter 100 or 101 or even 100.5, the deposit would not be credited to your wallet.

The transaction is not confirmed 

The time it takes a transaction to be confirmed depends on the fee used by the sender and the overall network traffic. This confirmation time depends on the asset used. Specially for cryptocurrencies it takes time for the blockchain to confirm the transaction. Once a crypto transaction is confirmed the sender will receive the TXID and can be sure that the money has been transferred. 

🟨 As long as your transaction is not confirmed by the source and network, you cannot show the balance in your PayPax wallet.

The asset is returned to source wallet

There might be some cases in which the transaction has failed for any reason and the assets have returned to the sender’s wallet.

🟨 Make sure to check the source wallet to see if the amount is returned or not. 

Incorrect transfer network 

Cryptocurrencies can be transferred on different blockchain networks. If you choose the wrong network in the deposit form that is different from the network the sender is using to transfer the assets, the amount would not be credited to your PayPax account.

🟨 Make sure that the transfer network is the same before making the transaction. 

For example you can not deposit USDT on Ethereum network (ERC20 USDT) to the addresses on Tron (TRC20) network.

Incorrect address

If you enter the destination address, which is your PayPax wallet address, incorrectly you cannot receive the funds in your wallet.

🟨 Double check the address that is generated for you by PayPax and make sure it has been entered correctly as the destination address by the sender.

Expired address

PayPax addresses for some currencies are generated with expiry. Once the address is generated you can see the count down timer on the right side of the page. 

🟨 Make sure to make the transfer in due time. If the count down timer ends the address would not be valid as your PayPax wallet address.

What can I do if my deposit isn't reflecting in my wallet?

If you have faced any of these issues all you need is your TXID

As long as you have your TXID Your deposits should be merged and credited to your wallet. However you cannot use the automatic services and you need to contact customer support and offer the TXID to track your order manually and update your wallet balance. 

You can contact the support team via online chat icon at the right bottom of the PayPax website or send a ticket through the support center in your dashboard.

💡 What is TXID? TXID also known as Operation ID or Transaction Hash is what can confirm that you have made a transaction successfully.  No matter if you are using a wallet, a payment processor, or an exchange, once you make any transaction, an ID is generated for you on the network. You can use this ID to track your transferred funds.

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