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PayPax Online Exchange

When it comes to simplicity and ease of use, PayPax has a lot to say!
PayPax online exchange facilitates the exchange of e-money and cryptocurrencies fast and easy for users all over the world. On this online exchange, you can convert your account balance and funds received from your payment gateway to electronic money (Perfect Money, WebMoney, Payeer, etc.) and cryptocurrencies.
Create your PayPax account now to ensure you always have the currency that you need for any purposes by using our multi-currency conversion service. Exchange services on PayPax are available 24/7 for users across the globe with online customer support. Have a secure, instant and enjoyable exchange with PayPax.

Exchange Calculator

*This operation is performed automatically (24/7)
*Fill in all the fields of the form submitted. Click «Exchange Now».
To convert PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer to other currencies and vice versa, use Manual Exchange services.

Exchange Cryptocurrencies & Convert E-Money

When people engage in paid work, online businesses and international payments they come with many needs of exchanging. PayPax online exchange enables you to convert different types of cryptocurrencies and e-money in less than a couple minutes and through a fully automated process.
Fund your PayPax account with any desired method, decide how much of your balance you want to exchange and set your order to be done automatically through PayPax online exchange. Converted funds will appear in your PayPax balance in mere minutes.
PayPax online exchange services in converting virtual currencies include:

Exchange Cash to Perfect Money USD | Cash USD AED TRY to PM

Exchange Cash to WebMoney | Cash USD AED TRY to WMZ

Exchange Cash to Tether | Cash USD AED TRY to USDT

Exchange Cash to PayPal USD | Cash USD AED TRY to PayPal

Exchange Cash to Payeer | Cash USD TRY AED to Payeer

Supported Assets on PayPax Online Exchange

Use PayPax to exchange currency online, get exchange rates, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, withdraw e-money and take advantage of a universe of opportunities.  Converting currency is simple and cheap on PayPax online exchange. In addition to the mentioned types of e-money, users on PayPax online exchange are provided with the ability to exchange more than 50 different currencies to each other in a fast and secure way with low fees and no hidden costs. 
There are no surprises here. When you convert funds with PayPax we use the applicable market rate to make sure You’ll always know exactly how much of the new currency you’re going to receive after exchange.
All you need to do is to register on PayPax, check the rates and set your order to exchange any desired asset. 


PayPax provides individual and business online payment solutions Contact us for all you need

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