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Today's Arab Emirates Dirham price and rate

PayPax UAE Dirham converter enables users to compare the Arab Emirate Dirham exchange rate with other currencies. The latest AED price is available on PayPax to check at any moment 24/7. Our AED Exchange Rate Calculator uses the mid-market rate for informational purposes. Since Emirates Dirham exchange rates fluctuate regularly, make sure to do your own investigations before settling on an exchanging provider.

Emirates Dirham rate calculator

Use PayPax Emirates Dirham rate calculator to find out the latest AED rates. Our United Arab Emirates Dirham calculator evaluates AED using the latest market rate and is not based on customer experience.

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Today's AED rate chart

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular destinations for tourists all over the world. An important concern of people traveling to UAE is knowing the Emirates Dirham price and its conversion rate into other countries currencies. 

If you are looking for the latest AED rate check  today's Emirates Dirham rate chart. The best AED rate over a period and a comparison between different currencies is indicated in the chart for you to be able to better comprehend the AED price variations.

Emirates Dirham to Euro (AED to Euro)

Each Emirates Dirham is 0.250409 EUR and each Euro is 3.993469 Emirates Dirham.

UAE Dirham (usually abbreviated as AED) is the official currency of The United Arab Emirates and is known as the Emirates Dirham. So the terms 'AED to Euro rate' and 'Emirates Dirham to Euro rate' would not make a difference in use. Emirates Dirham to Euro exchange rate is updated every minute on PayPax.

We use the mid-market rate for our AED to Euro Converter. AED price data including AED rate to Euro is for informational purposes only so check if you receive this rate when sending money using any other service rather than PayPax.

Emirates Dirham to USD (AED to USD)

You can check AED rate to USD at any moment on PayPax AED exchange rate calculator. Each Emirates Dirham is 0.272257 USD and each dollar is 3.673 AED. Both 'Emirates Dirham to Dollar USD rate’ and 'AED to Dollar USD rate' are the same and equal 0.272257. Emirates Dirham to USD exchange rate (AED to USD rate) is updated every minute on PayPax. Use PayPax to get the latest market information about the AED USD  pair including AED USD Live Rate.

In case you are a Tether holder and you want to convert USDT to Dollar or Dirham in Dubai you can use PayPax exchange services. To learn more refer to the linked article.

Emirates Dirham to Pound (AED to GBP)

Currency rankings show that one of the most popular Emirati Dirham exchange rates is the AED to GBP rate. One dirham is divided into 100 fils. The United Arab Emirates dirham is pegged to the British Pound at the exchange rate of 1 AED= 0.219899 GBP.

Each Emirate Dirham is 0.219899 GBP and each Pound is  4.547541 AED. The Emirates Dirham Pound data on PayPax is updated every minute. So users can access to accurate data about AED rate to GBP at any moment 24/7.

AED Rate in Pakistan (AED to PKR)

Users can convert AED to PKR using AED to Pakistan Rupee converter and check the live foreign exchange rates online. 

On PayPax you can check the AED price in Pakistan (AED to PKR) using the live currency rates calculator. PayPax offers a live currency converter, handy conversion table, and Emirates Dirhams to Pakistani Rupees charts. 

PayPax Dirham to Pakistani Rupee (AED to PKR) conversion tool allows users to compare the live exchange rates available within the foreign exchange markets.

In the table choose the Pakistan Rupee, for detailed AED rate in Pakistan. You can use our enhanced currency converter tool to check AED price in Pakistan online at any time 24/7.


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