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Today's US Dollar price and rate

PayPax USD converter enables you to compare the live US Dollar exchange rate with competitive exchange rates available within the foreign exchange markets at any moment. The US Dollar Exchange rate on PayPax is fully reliable since it is compiled from leading market data contributors.

US Dollar rate calculator

Use PayPax US Dollar rate calculator to find out the latest USD rates. Our US Dollar calculator evaluates USD using the latest market rate. To use PayPax free currency converter and US Dollar exchange rate calculator, type into the relevant field currency names to select your currency. 

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Today's US Dollar rate chart

If you are looking for the latest US dollar rate check  today's USD rate chart. These USD exchange rate charts use live mid-market rates. They are reliable sources in case you want to see when a currency hits a specific rate.

US Dollar to Euro (USD to EUR)

In case you need to access the specific data about the USD exchange rate today you can use PayPax currency converter. The currency code for US Dollar is USD and the currency code for Euro is EUR. Each Euro is 0.919752 USD and each US Dollar is 0.919752. The USD Euro  data on PayPax is updated every minute based on real market data.

US Dollar to British Pound (USD to GBP)

Each US Dollar is 1.2381 GBP and each British Pound is  0.807689 Dollar. The US dollar to GBP exchange rate is calculated with specific market data and updated every minute on PayPax.

US Dollar to Turkish Lira (USD to TL)

Each USD is 0.05316 Lira and each US Dollar  is 0.05316 Lira.

The US Dollar  to Turkish Lira exchange rate is updated regularly and every minute on PayPax. Since we have direct access to real-time exchange rates, users can be assured that the data that is provided is always accurate and reliable.


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