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Using PayPax TRC20-USDT to WebMoney calculator makes it easy and secure to Exchange fast with the best rates. Your order will be completed in a few minutes through a fully automated process.For change other currencies click here.Online exchange




Min Withdrawable: 10 USDMax Withdrawable: 10000 USD

How to buy Webmoney with Tether automatically?

Register on PayPax to exchange USDT to WMZ through a fully automated process 24/7. Exchanging Tether to WebMoney is fast and easy following the instructions below step by step.

  • Enter the USDT amount and check the rate.

    1Enter the USDT amount and check the rate.

    Specify the amount you want to exchange to buy Webmoney with Tether. In the field of “You Pay'' determine the amount of Tether, you want to exchange to WebMoney. This shows the equivalent WMZ in “You Get” based on the current exchange rate.

  • Deposit USDT to PayPax wallet.

    2Deposit USDT to PayPax wallet.

    Once you have pressed “Change” you will see the deposit page. Deposit USDT to your PayPax account.

  • Withdraw WebMoney WMZ.

    3Withdraw WebMoney WMZ.

    Withdraw the equivalent WMZ at any time. Contact PayPax support if you have any questions about the process or simply leave a comment below.

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