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Privacy Policy

PayPax is serious about users' privacy and security of customers' personal information. PayPax system uses customer’s provided information only in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy explained on this page.

Customer and account data security

What matters for PayPax is the security of the personal information of customers. Paypax team uses customers' information only in adjustment with the terms of this Privacy Policy. In fact, we ask for your information in order to reduce fraud and prevent possible risks .

You can provide information on your identity to expand limits through PayPax online payment.  This information is necessary to process your transactions, protect you from identity thefts, requests for a new password in case you forget or lose it. We may also ask you some questions in order to check the security of your account. 

Identity documents provide you with security in time of using customer services and also help us improve our products and services. All contact information is collected on servers located in the EU. 

Something that you have to keep in mind is that in case of any suspicious activities such as money laundering, renting account, .... ,  customer documents will be provided only for legal authorities. All transactions in the system are checked for non-participation in terrorist activities by residents of any country, the IP of which was registered in the system. On the other hand, you can be sure that neither your documents nor your personal details like name, email or phone number will be available to other users.

Data about third parties

As we said above, all the documents and information you provide will not be revealed to third parties without official request. 

Another point is that PayPax is not responsible for the consequences that have arisen in any case of customer disclosure of information about his/her account. Also our system is allowed to see reports on the customer activity and has the right to block account whether any suspicious activity has been done or if we find out that the account is related to fraud .

Customer Service

All your correspondence with technical experts of the PayPax system is maintained in the records of your account. This is necessary to monitor the quality of services we provide for our customer.It can also help us to find out fraud and risk customers. 

Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy describes the types of cookies that may be applied by PayPax.
Cookies are a standard feature of websites that allow us to store small amounts of data on your computer about your visit to a website. These cookies help us to improve different parts and sections. Cookies also improve your experience by remembering your preferences. In addition some cookies are required for technical reasons in order for a website to operate. 

About traffic data

Small data files on your device known as "Cookies", allow us to recognize you as a PayPax customer, if you come back to the website, using the same device and browser. These files enable us to recognize you if you visit various pages on our website during the same session. When you sign out of PayPax or close the browser, the cookie data session expires and is no longer available to us.

Why do we use cookies?

We have first party and third party cookies. First Party cookies are Strictly necessary for services and functions of our website.These cookies allow us to enable our users to move around and to use different features,
Third party advertising cookies are used to collect information about you when you visit our website and or and go through targeted content. Actually these cookies are used to measure, understand, and report on your usage of the service.

Control of cookies

PayPax guarantees that there is no linkage of IP addresses and personal information of users. This means that users data is anonymous and does not expose. Your data is not transmitted to anyone to reveal your identity. While only browsing preferences and behavioral tracking including logs and share buttons are used.


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