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Terms of Use

In this section you can read PayPax terms of use about how and why PayPax may use users' information. As long as you comply with these Terms of Use, PayPax grants you a personal experience using the website services.

User Agreement and Terms of Use of Paypax

1.1 This agreement determines the rights and responsibilities of the user who has chosen to be the customer of the PayPax system.

1.2 The agreement is considered bilateral and determines that the user doesn't need to pay for any kind of informational service.

1.3 Users are able to accept or refuse the offered conditions and later the system can recognize his/her membership.

Providing personal information by the user

1.4 Customers must send his/her real identity in order to use PayPax online exchange. The provided documents are not available by third parties. In case of using fake identity documents, PayPax system has this right to block or limit the customers account

1.5 PayPax customers have a right to change their personal data.

1.6 After confirming the current contract and completing the registration process in the system, the user confirms the transfer of his/her data to the system and their use in identifying, informing and performing transactions.

1.7 The PayPax customer has the right to minimize the use of their personal data. The customer should be aware that minimizing the use of personal data reduces the level of security of his account.

1.8 The system customer acknowledges and accepts that some in-system transactions are performed by third parties, such as PayPax approved partners, and the system does not have full control over these activities.

Using PayPax account

1.9 Registering in the PayPax system, the customer undertakes not to use the services for illegal purposes and not to take any action that results in damage to the system.

1.10 The account will not be transferred to anyone else without the knowledge of the system administration

1.11 Account is a user's personal area that is based on the user's personal information.

1.12 The system reserves the right to perform accounting and systematization operations of all transactions made by the customer within the system. In the event of a complaint by SR & I. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") or third parties against the Customer, the Company has the right to apply to the judicial authorities of each jurisdiction to protect the interests of the system, its participants and third parties.

1.13 The system is not responsible for the pre-planned use of account in illegal transactions

1.14 The customer is fully responsible for the status of his/her account, access to it and control of it.

System Transactions

1.15 The transaction performed in the system on behalf of the account registered in the name of the user is completely safe for the owner of this account and is not objected due to the non-participation of the customer in this transaction.

1.16 Any transaction can only be reversed by court order.

1.17 Logging in to the account system, the customer is fully responsible for all transactions made in the system on behalf of his account.

1.18 The customer has no right to demand the return of the transaction made by his/her in the system.

1.19 The system customer must pay special attention to the accuracy of its operation because some actions may be done by one click.

1.20 Only the customer and no one else is responsible for any migration or loss of funds, especially as a result of unauthorized access.

1.21 Once you agree to become a user of the system, you acknowledge the system's right to establish any internal exchange rates for the currencies and metals in which your funds are stored as a token of money.

Limitations of Liability SR & I

1.22 The system and the company are not responsible for the loss of money by the customer due to system failure, unauthorized access, theft, force majeure, any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages that may be caused in connection with the actions or non-performance by third parties such as PayPax partners.

Termination of Agreement

1.23 The system customer has the right to inform PayPax management of his desire to close the account at any time. In this case, the account is dissolved in the system and all personal information specified by the user during registration is deleted, after identifying the applicant and checking its compliance with the user who has registered this account.

1.24 The system reserves the right to block the account for a period of time in order to determine the conditions in case of any suspicious activity.

1.25 Engaging in any activity which operates to fraudulent, hacking or intrusion into the payment system or causing any damage to PayPax or our users will result in the blocking the offender's account and funds.

Using Exchange Services

1.26 Some of the deposit addresses are generated with expiry. So you should complete the deposit in the meantime. Otherwise if a customer deposits to an expired address the funds will be lost and the automatic exchange process will be disrupted. In such cases the customer is responsible only and must contact support to track the order.

🟥 Make sure to deposit to the accurate address in the exchange process. The user is responsible for transferring funds to the wrong or expired wallet address.

1.27 The minimum and maximum possible amount for exchanging each currency is displayed before the conversion. Check the min and max amount before setting the exchange order. PayPex can only respond to your request for the indicated daily amounts.

1.28 To convert PayPal, Cash and Bank Transfer to other currencies and vice versa, use Manual Exchange services. Manual orders take 2 to 48 hours to complete depending on the user account level.

1.29 PayPal deposits and exchange services can only be accepted from verified PayPal accounts, and the customer must submit the required documents for confirmation and wait for the support center to approve. 

🟥 Suspicious and unauthenticated deposits will be held until the required documents are submitted, so that the account owner can confirm the authenticity of the transfer.

1.30 Before submitting your request, pay attention to the order processing time. PayPax is trying to process customers' orders in the shortest possible time. However, sometimes the order's processing may take as long as the specified period on the website. 


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